Backup Your Data

We highly recommend purchasing a device to backup your files in the event of a catastrophic computer failure. Hard drives don’t last forever and the likelihood of software corruption increases as your computer ages. Our first recommendation would be to purchase an external hard drive. These normally come with 1 to 3 Terabyte (TB) of storage space and can be directly connected to your computer via USB or can be wireless so it can be accessed by all of your networked computers. Periodically backing up your data to one of these devices can save you valuable time, money and the stress trying to recover your data after a failure. They can be purchased locally from Best Buy or Staple for around $150; cheaper if purchased online. If that is too expensive you should at least invest in a USB flash drive for around $20. I’ve seen too many people lose a lifetime of pictures and documents simply because they didn’t back up their data. Below is an example of an external wireless hard drive.

External Wireless Hard Drive

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