3 key factors when purchasing a new computer

I’m often asked what is important when purchasing a new computer. Below is what I feel are the three most important factors when picking out a computer.

1. MEMORY – One of the most important components of a computer is the Random Access Memory (RAM). You will notice better performance in a computer with 12GB RAM and Intel i3 processor than a computer with 4GB RAM and Intel i5 processor.

2. HARD DRIVE – I remember my old 486 computer with a 40MB hard drive, thinking I would never fill up that much space. Now computers are coming with 1TB drives. If you can afford it the best option is a Solid State Drive (SSD). While they’re roughly 3x the cost of a conventional drive they actually provide up to 100 times faster access time.

3. PROCESSOR – This is another option that comes down to your budget. AMD and Intel Celeron are less expensive than Intel multi core/task (thread) processors. i3 processors have two cores; i5 processors have four cores; i7 processors also have four cores but more cache memory (i3 = 4MB, i5 = 6MB, i7 = 8MB). i7 Core Extreme can have up to 12 cores but, as their name implies, they are extremely expensive.

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